Trails from Cârnic in Retezat

Retezat, the stone fortress that hides its treasures behind serrated walls, leads our footsteps along magical trails sprinkled with incredible wonders that nature has created and offered these legendary lands. One of the gateways towards the heart of these mountains is along the shady valley that ascends from the Land of Hațeg, where once prehistoric dinosaurs used to roam. Leaving the village of Nucșoara towards the distant ridges, we pass Cârnic and quickly reach the loud Lolaia Waterfall, with its foamy ribbons broken by a rock. Continuing along the river upstream, we are taken along fascinating pathways that lead towards mesmerizing places of unique and sublime beauty. The sometimes challenging climbs are usually fully rewarded by places like the Mary Magdalene Waterfall, surrounded by a magical woodland atmosphere, or the wild waterfalls of Stânișoara, not far away. Further and higher away, close to the dizzying heights of the Retezat peaks, we also encounter the charming glacial lakes like Galeșul or Pietrele that reflect the sky and the surrounding craggy rocks. Hidden in the hear of the pine forests, the Tăul dintre Brazi is one of the most beautiful lakes of the Carpathians, a small eye that seems to conceal the secrets of all the mountains around…

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