Villages of Fundata, Moieciu & Șimon

At the foot of the stone fortress of Bucegi Mountains, a row of gentles and long ridges hide between them several deep valleys where the rays of sun are long awaited. Along these valleys, villages like Fundata, Moieciu or Șimon have become a true paradise for travelers searching for splendid rustic landscapes. Even if these places have embraced modern tourism for a long time, transforming into veritable rural resorts with hundreds of guesthouses, we can still uncover glimpses of traditional and authentic village life, while the panoramas that open up from the ridges are truly astounding. Behind most houses in the valleys, there are marvelous gardens that go upwards on the steep slopes, many still preserving the charm of the past, with old wooden shelters surrounded by pastures and haystacks. The true authentic atmosphere can be found once we leave the main roads and climb the surrounding idyllic hills. Magnificent places like the Transylvania Amphitheater, the Gorges of Grădiște or Bran Monastery greatly increase the attraction of these unique Romanian villages. Each new season completely changes the scenery over the hills at the foot of Bucegi Mountains, from the colorful explosion of spring flowers to the deep green of the summers pastures and from the pastel symphony of the fall to the pure and silent infinity of winter…

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