Waterfalls of the Carpathians

Surrounded by the captivating melody of the cowbells that enliven the valleys and pastures, life in the wild heart of the Apuseni Mountains follows its endless thread for ages. If the land of the Moți people had a secret that laid hidden for centuries, this has to be the marvelous pastoral universe enveloped inside the Poiana Călineasa hamlet, a place that both amazes and enthralls, where the core essence of the Apuseni Mountains and its unique inhabitants is enclosed in a perfectly idyllic painting. For generations on end, shepherds from the surrounding villages return here each spring to their seasonal homesteads, a seasonal cycle inherited from their forefathers. Hundreds of wooden cottages and shacks rise in this seemingly infinite pasture, creating an authentic community that comes to life with the first signs of spring, when shepherds from three counties arrive together with their beloved herds. Surrounded by dark woodlands and the mysterious world hidden in the depths of these mountains, Poiana Călineasa lies at the crossroad between the counties of Alba, Cluj and Bihor, with pastoral trails arriving from the valleys around. The best way to find this fascinating place is by either traveling from the settlement of Gârda de Sus, along the Ordâncușii Valley, or by crossing over the hills through the picturesque villages of Munună, Ghețari and Ocoale. Known until recently only to locals, this exceptional rural destination gives us the ever so rare opportunity to discover and admire the authentic life of the Romanian peasant…

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