Heroes Path Monumental Complex

We can find the only place where the sky and the earth have been tied together forever in the city of Brâncuși, Târgu Jiu. Considered the father of modern sculpture and one of the most important artists of the 20th century, Constatin Brâncuși has left the world a priceless artistical heritage, yet nothing can be compared to the treasures he left as a legacy to its birthplace. We can thus admire the monument complex known as the Heroes Path in Târgu Jiu, close to the village where the master was born, on the bank of the Jiu River and the backdrop of the Parâng Mountains. This impressive ensemble was created in the interwar years as an homage to the heroes of the First World War, featuring several exceptional monuments: The Table of Silence, the Alley of Chairs, the Gate of the Kiss and the Endless Column. We can start our journey into the world of universal art from the city park, where the first monuments are located, beginning close to the river and continuing eastwards on a axis that divides the city in half. The minimalism and perfect symmetry of the Table of Silence have always been admired, symbolizing the peaceful nature of deep thoughts and meditation, but it also has other spiritual meanings, with the table being surrounded by twelve identical clepsydrae chairs. Walking towards the next masterpiece, the alley is flanked by several groups of symmetrical clepsydrae chairs. At the entrance into the park, the Gate of the Kiss symbolizes love and contains the supreme stylization of the kiss, a permanent purpose for Brâncuși. For many, the main element of the monument is the empty space inside the gate. The last masterpiece of the Heroes Path is located on the other side of the city, in another park. The Endless Column is one f the most famous works of modern art in the world. Its simplicity and perfect proportions make it continue upwards for infinity, creating a permanent link between the Earth and the Sky, between the living and the departed…

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