Transalpina Mountain Road

Bending over the majestic ridges of the Carpathians and often touching the clouds, this road towards the heights evokes the pure joy of exploration, opening a gate towards the wildest landscapes of these legendary mountains and awakening strong emotions into the soul of each traveler. Born during the Second World War from an old sheepherding trail and a connection between Romanians on each side of the mountains, the Transalpina mountain road is the highest in the country and one of the most inciting in the world. Creating a strong connection between two areas with ancestral pastoral traditions, the Transalpina is also known as the King’s Road, being opened by king Carol II. Starting in the south from the town of Novaci, the road ascends the steep slopes of Parâng Mountains towards the mountain resort of Rânca, followed by an even steeper coiled climb towards the Păpușa Peak and Urdele Pass, where it reaches its highest point, at 2132 meters. From here, we begin to descend towards the lush valley of Lotru, always admiring the wild and magnificent panoramas. From the valley, we begin the climb again through dense pine forests, reaching the enchanting lake of Oașa, with its peaceful monastery that seems to bless the surrounding wilderness. Further along, after the pass by the Tăul Bistra Lake, the valley of Sebeș becomes wider, reaching the first villages at the foot of the Șureanu and Cindrel mountains, finally ending in the small town of Sebeș. All along the journey, we have the unique chance to witness the fascinating spectacle that nature offers in abundance…

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