Villages of Poiana Mărului & Holbav

Rising in the shadow of the mighty ridge of Piatra Craiului, the gentle hills of the Southern Perșani Mountains shelter two villages whose sublime beauty has long been hidden from the world. Poiana Mărului and Holbav are two settlements with deep roots in the history of this area in the heart of Romania, two villages blessed with a natural setting that seems to break away straight from fairytales. If the core of the villages is nestled together in the valley below, the true charm is revealed upwards, where a fascinating network of trails and pathways leads our footsteps towards some isolated home or a new rustic painting that imprints in our memory. In Holbav and Poiana Mărului, we have to let our imagination wander around, because wherever we go and look, there are marvelous landscapes and authentic rural scenes! From the imposing ridge of Piatra Craiului o the faraway peaks of Bucegi and from the isolated sheds surrounded by green pastures to the patches of trees that come alive in late autumn or early spring, these two charming villages offer countless moments of excitement…

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